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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What platforms does Strata support?
    Currently Strata runs x86_32 (various Linux platforms), x86_64 (various Linux platforms), on the SPARC (Solaris), and the ARM (again Linux). We are working on developing a Windows version. If you are interested in the Windows port, please contact us. We have done other platforms including the MIPS and PowerPC, but we have not been actively maintaining those ports.
  2. What other software dependencies are there when using Strata?
    For software protection applications of Strata where it is desired to prevent static analysis, the executable must be preprocessed (e.g., encrypted). We currently use the open source tool Diablo from the University of Ghent for such processing.
  3. Do you provide IDA Pro with STARS?
    No. One must obtain a license for IDA Pro from Hex-Rays.
  4. For the Zephyr compilers, what front ends are available?
    We have used the Edison Design Group front ends for most of our contracts. These front ends are very stable and very well documented. Contact Edison Design Group for licensing information.
    The structure of the Zephyr Compilers allow most any front end to be used.
  5. How do I obtain a demonstration version of Strata or the Zephyr compilers?
    For demonstration versions, please send mail to jwd@zephyr-software.com. We can arrange to send you an evaluation copy of the software.
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