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Zephyr Software provides a variety of products, computing services, and consulting. Zephyr Software's three main products are

  • Zephyr—a retargetable compiler suite based on the Very Portable Optimizer (VPO), and
  • Strata—a so.ftware dynamic translator called Strata.
  • STARS—a static binary analyzer that performs a variety of analyses on binary applications.

corporate imageZephyr has been used to build compilers for a variety of machines including the SPARC, MIPS, PowerPC, IA-32, and ARM. Our publications page has pointers to papers that describe the Zephyr technology and approach in more detail.

Strata is a lightweight, process-level software dynamic translator. Software dynamic translation has a number of uses including dynamic optimization, dynamic binary translation, profiling, and computer security. Most of Zephyr Software's current efforts are focused on providing secure execution of untrusted code. Please see the publications page for more information about Strata and its use to provide secure execution of untrusted executables, anti-tampering, and protection of intellectual property.

STARS (STatic Analyzer for Reliabilty and Security) is a full-function static analyzer that is implemented as a plug-in to the highly portable and widely used IDA Pro disassembler from Hex-Rays. STARS is unique in that it operates on an application binary and therefore is source-language agnostic and does not require accesss to source code. STARS is unique in that all information collected is stored in a database that can then be accessed by other tools. Please see our publications page for more information about STARS and its uses.

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